Now out, Bruce Jenner shines spotlight on transgender inequality15-Apr-26, 7:06 AM | By Mary Milliken, Reuters

Robin Padilla to fly to Spain to trace Padilla family roots15-Apr-25, 6:29 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan,

As electronica booms, DJs seek voice beyond machines15-Apr-25, 11:54 AM | By Shaun Tandon, Agence France-Presse

Now out, Bruce Jenner shines spotlight on transgender inequality15-Apr-26, 7:06 AM | By Mary Milliken, ReutersMainstream acceptance of transgender people in the U.S. is in its infancy, making the transition hard for everyone, whether famous like Jenner or not.

WATCH | Diddy, Mark Wahlberg make $250,000 bet over Mayweather-Pacquiao15-Apr-25, 7:20 PM | InterAksyon.comDiddy is one of several African-American celebs backing Mayweather, while Wahlberg is among many Hollywood heavyweights favoring Pacquiao.

Robin Padilla to fly to Spain to trace Padilla family roots15-Apr-25, 6:29 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comThe actor and his wife Mariel Rodriguez will tour the Spanish provinces of Toledo and Sevilla to trace his family's ancestry.

As electronica booms, DJs seek voice beyond machines15-Apr-25, 11:54 AM | By Shaun Tandon, Agence France-PresseSeveral leading electronica artists are seeking to combat negative perceptions with a renewed effort to emphasize the human element behind the music.

Justin Bieber settles lawsuit with Florida photographer15-Apr-25, 10:21 AM | ReutersA lawyer for photographer Jeffrey Binion declined to comment on when the agreement was reached or if it involved a financial settlement.

Olympian Bruce Jenner makes transgender history by identifying as a woman15-Apr-25, 10:08 AM | By Mary Milliken, ReutersWhen Sawyer asked 'Are you a woman?' Jenner responded, 'Yes, for all intents and purposes I am a woman.'

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ kills off Dr McDreamy in surprise twist15-Apr-24, 10:31 PM | Agence France-PresseDr Derek Shepherd, also known as Dr McDreamy, was played by actor Patrick Dempsey since the character was first introduced in the show's 2005 pilot.

Mexican drama scoops top prize at Beijing Film Festival15-Apr-24, 10:06 PM | ReutersAction star Jackie Chan presented Bernardo Arellano, director of 'The Beginning of Time', with the award at the closing ceremony on Thursdayl.

Pinay contestants meet contrasting fates in separate reality competition shows15-Apr-24, 9:42 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comFranchesca Lagua got the boot on 'Asia's Next Top Model' Cycle 3, while Gwyneth Dorado advanced to the grand finals of 'Asia's Got Talent'.

Brillante Mendoza’s ‘Taklub’ makes it to Cannes festival15-Apr-24, 1:03 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comThe drama about Yolanda survivors in Tacloban is the acclaimed filmmaker’s fourth film to make it to Cannes.

Valentines dates set for ‘Fifty Shades’ film sequels15-Apr-24, 8:57 AM | Agence France-PresseJamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are expected to reprise their roles in the next two movies, due for release in time for Valentine's Day in 2017 and 2018.

No problemo! Schwarzenegger takes first dramatic role in ‘Maggie’15-Apr-24, 8:28 AM | By Patricia Reaney, ReutersThe film spins a different take on the zombie genre, concentrating more on the father-daughter relationship than blood-soaked gore and cannibalism.

‘Avengers’ stars Evans, Renner apologize for Black Widow comments15-Apr-24, 8:10 AM | ReutersThe two actors said they had made 'tasteless' and 'juvenile' comments in which they called Scarlett Johansson's superhero character 'a slut'.

WATCH | Robert Downey Jr. walks out of TV interview as questions turn personal15-Apr-23, 11:43 PM | ReutersBefore cutting off the interview, the 'Avengers' star was asked about his 'dark periods ... taking drugs and drinking' and whether he was 'free of all that'.

LOOK | TV5 spreads happiness at Bahay Aruga15-Apr-23, 8:11 PM Led by president and CEO Emmanuel C. Loranzana, TV5's officers, employees, and talents interacted with pediatric cancer patients.

Scarlett Johansson hints of darker side to next ‘Captain America’15-Apr-23, 6:17 PM | ReutersShe will reprise her role as the Black Widow in 'Captain America: Civil War', due for release in 2016, alongside Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

Joey Albert thanks supporters for praying for her in latest bout with cancer15-Apr-23, 5:55 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comThe singer has beaten the Big C on two previous occasions -- cervical cancer in 1995 and colon cancer in 2004. A decade later, her colon cancer has recurred.

Rough start for Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service15-Apr-23, 12:13 PM | Agence France-PresseDid the rap mogul contradict his own message of supporting artists by making it appear as if some of the world's biggest musicians wanted more money?

LaBoum charms Pinoy K-Pop fans despite language barrier15-Apr-23, 11:33 AM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comAlthough they were formed only last year, Laboum is already being compared to the phenomenal girl group 2NE1.

Sandra Bullock is People magazine’s 2015 most beautiful woman15-Apr-23, 11:19 AM | ReutersThe 50-year-old Oscar-winning actress said she found beauty in her role as a mother to her 5-year-old son, Louis.

‘The Avengers’ make blockbuster return with ‘Age of Ultron’15-Apr-22, 6:06 PM | By Sara Puig, Agence France-PresseThe original 2012 'The Avengers' became the third-highest grossing movie in cinema history, taking over $1.5 billion at the box office.

Ben Affleck regrets asking docu show to edit out slave-owning ancestor15-Apr-22, 5:56 PM | Reuters'I didn't want any television show about my family to include a guy who owned slaves. I was embarrassed,' the actor-director confessed on Facebook.

Akihiro Blanco, Inah Estrada develop chemistry on ‘Wattpad Presents’15-Apr-22, 5:42 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comThis week's mini-series is Akihiro's second 'Wattpad Presents' stint and his first team-up with a leading lady other than Chanel Morales.

Broadcaster Doris Bigornia to fellow concertgoer: ‘I apologize’15-Apr-22, 5:24 PM | InterAksyon.comShe apologized to the concertgoer for inconveniencing him but denied making a hurtful statement about his son, who had been upset by the incident.