Feminist drama starring Meryl Streep opens London Film FestivalThursday, Oct 8, 2015, 5:31 PM | By Maureen Cofflard, Agence France-Presse

Singer-comedian Elizabeth Ramsey, 83, passes awayThursday, Oct 8, 2015, 1:34 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan,

Kris Aquino quits movie project with Herbert BautistaThursday, Oct 8, 2015, 9:59 AM |

Daniel Craig would rather slit wrists than play Bond again after ‘Spectre’15-Oct-08, 8:05 PM | Reuters'I'm over it at the moment. All I want to do is move on,' the actor said in an interview conducted in July, just after filming on 'Spectre' was completed.

Feminist drama starring Meryl Streep opens London Film Festival15-Oct-08, 5:31 PM | By Maureen Cofflard, Agence France-PresseThe event was hit by a protest from the feminist group Sisters Uncut, with demonstrators shouting 'We are suffragettes!'

Singer-comedian Elizabeth Ramsey, 83, passes away15-Oct-08, 1:34 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comThe 'Waray-Waray' singer slipped away quietly in her sleep, her daughter, singer Jaya, announced on Facebook Thursday morning.

Kris Aquino quits movie project with Herbert Bautista15-Oct-08, 9:59 AM |'In tackling this movie, I was taking the leap of faith of reopening already healed wounds until I realized, what for?' she explained in an Instagram post.

WATCH | Pinay factory worker passes audition on ‘X Factor Lithuania’15-Oct-08, 8:42 AM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comKris Algelyn Bytautas impressed the judges with her rendition of Adele's 'Someone Like You'.

Kanye West says straight designers face discrimination15-Oct-08, 8:07 AM | Agence France-Presse'I felt that I got discriminated against in fashion also for not being gay, whereas in music you definitely get discriminated against if you are gay,' the rapper said.

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Cosby deposition in sex assault lawsuit to be sealed until review15-Oct-08, 7:37 AM | By Daina Beth Solomon, ReutersThe decision came after the comedian requested a protective order to keep his Oct. 9 deposition confidential.

‘Twilight’ gets new gender swap edition for 10th birthday15-Oct-08, 7:29 AM | ReutersBella is now Beau, Edward is Edyth, and his love rival Jacob has now become Julie.

Julio Iglesias slams Donald Trump, vows to boycott his casinos15-Oct-07, 10:18 PM | Agence France-Presse'I have sung many times in his casinos, but I won't do it again. He seems to be an asshole,' Iglesias told Barcelona-based daily newspaper La Vanguardia.

‘X-Files’ makes its TV comeback, after 13-year absence15-Oct-07, 9:56 PM | Agence France-PresseThe show made its long-awaited return this week at the MIPCOM TV market in Cannes with the screening of the first of six episodes.

WATCH | Pretty Fil-Am wows ‘The Voice’ judges with audition15-Oct-07, 10:59 AM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comAmy Vachal is a granddaughter of Cebu political kingpin Pablo Garcia and niece of Cebu 3rd District representative Gwendolyn Garcia.

Beyonce, Rihanna, others sue Paris firm over clothing knockoffs15-Oct-07, 7:55 AM | ReutersThe complaint filed on Tuesday said clothing retailer ElevenParis has ignored the singers' warnings to stop the sales of items featuring their likenesses.

CBCP not involved with #AlDub’s Catholic social media awards15-Oct-06, 11:56 PM | Edwin P. Sallan, Interaksyon.comThe CBCP said the awards given by the Catholic Social Media Summit is a lay initiative it is not involved with.

Beyonce in brief superstar collaboration with Drake15-Oct-06, 11:43 AM | Agence France-PresseThe two-minute song immediately fueled speculation that 'Can I?' would be part of Drake's eagerly anticipated next album.

Robin Williams’ widow, children reach settlement in legal dispute15-Oct-06, 11:08 AM | By Piya Sinha-Roy, ReutersThe settlement brings an end to a nearly year-long dispute over a list of over 1,200 items belonging to the late actor.

MTRCB summons ‘It’s Showtime’ producers over Pastillas Girl ‘pimping’15-Oct-06, 10:56 AM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comThe move is an apparent response to Gabriela's request for the MTRCB to investigate the show for 'exploitation of women'.

WATCH | Sam Smith video for Bond theme ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ released15-Oct-05, 8:34 PM | ReutersThe video shows snippets of the film featuring Bond actor Daniel Craig, Italian actress Monica Bellucci and French actress Lea Seydoux.

Poe wants ‘Heneral Luna’ screening in all public schools15-Oct-05, 4:11 PM | By Ernie Reyes, InterAksyon.comPoe also urged DepEd to initiate talks with movie industry leaders to discuss how it can hold film viewings in history classes.

‘Felix Manalo’ premiere breaks two Guinness world records for attendance15-Oct-05, 1:02 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comThe event was witnessed by 43,624, officially the largest crowd for a film screening and a film premiere.

WATCH | Hillary Clinton pokes fun at herself on ‘Saturday Night Live’15-Oct-05, 8:35 AM | ReutersThe U.S. presidential candidate appeared in a sketch as a bartender alongside Kate McKinnon, who played her.

‘The Martian’ triumphs with $55 million debut15-Oct-05, 7:59 AM | By Brent Lang, ReutersThe Ridley Scott release was bolstered at the box office by rapturous reviews, with critics calling the picture among the director's best.

WALANG ‘HIMALA’! | Four Filipino films in Busan’s Asian Cinema 10015-Oct-05, 7:42 AM | By Edwin P. Sallan,'Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag', 'Insiang', 'Batch 81', and 'Melancholia' made the cut. 'Himala' did not.

Busan marks 20th anniversary with 100 best Asian films list15-Oct-04, 2:14 PM | By Mathew Scott, Agence France-PresseYasujiro Ozu's 'Tokyo Story' came out on top, followed by Akira Kurosawa's 'Rashomon' and Wong Kar-Wai's 'In The Mood for Love'.

‘Heneral Luna’ reaches P200 million milestone on 4th week15-Oct-04, 1:08 PM | By Edwin P. Sallan, InterAksyon.comThe producers, however, identified P240-million as the true break-event point when the promotional budget is factored in.