Russell Peters ready to tickle Manila fans with edgy new material

March 10, 2018 - 10:29 AM
Russell Peters upon his arrival last Thursday. (Photo courtesy of Ovation Productions)

Following a well-received performance in Tokyo, Japan where he posted that he was “absolutely blown away by the city and the fans,” Russell Peters is now all pumped up for the Manila leg of his “Deported World Tour” this Saturday, March 10 at the PICC Plenary Hall in Pasay City.

The Indian-Canadian stand-up comic arrived in the country late Thursday afternoon and was immediately taken by the warm welcome from fans that he himself recorded and promptly uploaded on his Instagram page.

The comedian has been getting rave reviews in the Asian stops of his ongoing tour. According to The Jakarta Post, Peters’ “edgy material” was a hit with Indonesian audiences [d]espite the vulgarity in his material and the no-holds-barred roasting of some audience members.”

“The fact that Peters managed to go through his show without backlash is nothing short of spectacular, considering how sensitive Indonesians can be to material that could be considered “naughty”…nobody in the crowd seemed to let go of their funny bone,” wrote Dylan Amirio for the Indonesian daily.

He was also a hit in Hong Kong, Bangkok and in Singapore where he delivered “more immigration jokes.”

Peters’ coming Manila show will mark his third visit in the country since he first performed here back in 2008. He returned to the Philippines last year for his “Almost Famous” tour.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Peters’ father was from Mumbai, India who later migrated to Canada to work as a federal meat inspector.

As seen from his viral videos, some of which he uploaded himself on his official YouTube channel, Peters’ act is known to poke fun at the culture and accents of several ethnic groups including Africans, Jamaicans, Arabs, Italians, Russians, his fellow Indians and even Filipinos.

Peters insists that his brand of comedy is in no way a put-down of different races but is actually his way of “raising them up through humor” according to a 2006 interview with the Canadian TV news program “The National.”

While almost everything is fair game for the seasoned comic, one thing he won’t touch is the subject of religion as he once told Larry King that he is “more of a science guy than a beliefs guy.”

His “Almost Famous” tour also included an online television special of the same title for Netflix last year. Also last year, he produced and starred in his own limited comedy drama series for Netflix called “The Indian Detective,” which co-starred Anupam Kher (“The Big Sick”), William Shatner (“Star Trek”), Christina Cole (“Suits”), and Mishqah Parthiephal (“Keeping Up with the Kandasamys”).

The four-part series ended in a cliffhanger and hinted at a possible second season.

Peters has also appeared in the still unreleased films “The Clapper” with Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried and Tracy Morgan; “Supercon” with Ryan Kwanten and John Malkovich; and “Public Schooled” with Judy Greer.

Joining him on his “Deported World Tour” is fellow comedian Jake Johannsen, known as one of David Letterman’s favorite comics and a legendary raconteur of weird stories.

Tickets for the March 10 show are priced at P8190, 7135, 6080, 3970, 2910 and are available via