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Sunday driving: This solar-powered car can charge while on the road

BERLIN - A Munich-based start-up has taken advantage of the strong Bavarian sun this summer to test the final development of the charging system...

Can boats on Pasig River contribute to solving Metro Manila traffic?

One commuter has shared how a 5-peso wooden boat ride on Pasig River saved her from clocking in late at a company-sponsored training session. Saved...

Police’s latest plan to get rid of criminals on motorcycles involves...

The police's implementation of the 'Clean rider' sticker program has been generally-well received by motorcycle riders in the country. The new program is the next...

New York banning cars from Central Park starting this summer

NEW YORK —New York City's Central Park will kick out cars this summer after more than a century, returning its roads to walkers, runners...

Toyota to launch ‘talking’ vehicles in United States in 2021

Toyota Motor Corp plans to start selling U.S. vehicles that can talk to each other using short-range wireless technology in 2021, the Japanese automaker said on Monday, potentially preventing thousands of accidents annually.

German minister to carmakers: Invest in electric cars or lose out

BERLIN—The German automotive industry must invest heavily in electric car technology and develop battery production facilities in Europe to keep up with global competitors, Economy...
Traveling in vehicles with self-driving technology is experienced as more stressful by passengers than journeys with regular cars, a study published by the Kempten University of Applied Sciences finds.

Tesla’s electric motor shift to spur demand for rare earth neodymium

Tesla’s shift to a magnetic motor using neodymium in its Model 3 Long Range car adds to pressure on already strained supplies of a rare earth metal.

MMDA debunks loose talk about doing away with traffic constables

Acting Metropolitan Manila Development Authority General Manager Jojo Garcia, on Friday called on the public to disregard false reports circulating online that MMDA traffic...

LTFRB to hear TNVS fare hike petition April 3

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board will hear the fare hike petition filed by transportation network companies on April 3.

Hyundai kicks off 2018 with modest sales growth

The Hyundai Accent and Eon still uphold the largest share of HARI’s PC segment, Elantra substantially grew by 113% with unit sales of 219 this January from 103 units sold last January 2017.

MMDA ROAD ADVISORY | Portion of Regalado Highway in QC closed...

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) today advised motorists and commuting public that a portion of Regalado Highway in Quezon City will be closed to vehicular traffic from 11 pm tonight, Monday (February 26), up to 4 am the following day

WATCH | Tesla Model 3 production woes give Chevy a boost

Tesla’s Model 3 production delays aren’t just testing the patience of die-hard fans who lined up to reserve one nearly two years ago, but is also helping the sales of its direct competitor, the Chevy Bolt.