WATCH | 2-year old in Muntinlupa raped, killed by his uncle

Muntinlupa suspect, child rape slay
Hotel CCTV records movement of suspect in child rape, slay case.

The two-year old was poisoned, then raped, then stabbed to death.

This happened in Muntinlupa City, on Saturday last week.

According to initial police investigation, a security guard reported the presence of a suspicious looking abandoned package at the South Station Terminal parking lot.

It turned out to contain the remains of the boy, all bloodied with multiple stab wounds mostly on the chest.

While the investigation was happening at the scene, the lawmen were approached by a man identified as Edgardo Mendoza, 24, who introduced himself as an uncle of the child, spinning a yarn about leaving the boy momentarily to answer the call of nature.

The police officer observed blood stains on Edgardo’s trouser, which aroused his curiosity that turned into suspicion.

Edgardo was picked up for questioning, after which he confessed to committing the crime.

He related that he let the boy, who stays with him at the same place, drink some milk spiked with textile paint, then subjected the lad to sexual abuse before killing him.

Edgardo added that he had to break the neck of the boy so that he could fit inside the bag.

Upon interviewing the child’s relatives, it was revealed that the suspect was a drug addict and prone to attacks of depression with occasional suicidal tendencies.

Mendoza was booked for rape and murder in relation to violation of the child abuse statute. (Reportage: Renz Ongkiko, News5)

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