WATCH | Alisah Bonaobra displays versatility on ‘X Factor UK’ Viva Latino week

Alisah Bonaobra performs 'Let's Get Loud' on 'The X Factor UK.'

Alisah Bonaobra is not going anywhere on “The X Factor UK.”

In this week’s episode of the popular talent search series, the Filipina singer dubbed as the show’s “Comeback Queen,” proved to everyone especially her mentor-judge Sharon Osbourne that she was not what Osbourne called “one-dimensional” a couple of weeks ago.

Performing in a sequined cocktail miniskirt and high heels, the returning wildcard contestant showed that there was more to her than power ballads ass she got the crowd going with a feet-stomping rendition of Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” for the show’s “Viva Latino” theme.

“You are more than just a ballad singer, much, much more! You have so impressed me tonight. You’ve come out of your comfort zone and it was spectacular!,” Sharon exclaimed.

“I love it! You become this fierce piece wild animal when you get on that stage! You unleashed on that stage. You became a Latina-Filipina diva that you are! You make all Filipinas and Filipinos so proud. You shut it down tonight. You’re a little firecracker out there!,” declared Nicole Scherzinger, Alisah’s most vocal cheerleader.

Louis Walsh was likewise impressed. “Alisah, where did that come from? At the start of the whole series, I thought you can just sing the big ballads; and now you turned into this little tiger tonight!” he shared. “It was amazing energy. I love the singing, the dancing! I love the whole staging by the creative team. It was fantastic!”

Simon Cowell was his usual critical self, and was booed by the studio audience for telling Alisah to put her own unique twist on a song.

“Otherwise, it will be considered cabaret and that won’t get you to where you want to be,” he added. Nonetheless, Simon still acknowledged that when Alisah performs, she gives it everything she’s got.

“There’s no messing around with you, is there? You just bring it!,” he noted.

From the looks of it, Alisah is not in danger of going home anytime soon and may actually go very, very far in “The X Factor UK.”

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Watch Alisah Bonaobra’s performance of “Let’s Get Loud”: